Professional Break Taker

Paramus, NJ
  • Scratching Furniture
  • Playing With The Loudest Toy At 2AM
  • Occasional cuddles
  • Singing Loudly

I love to scratch furniture, playing with the loudest toy at 2 am, give occasional cuddles if I feel like it, sneak inside the closet then sing the song of my people as loud as I can to be let out.

Get To Know Guinness

I would see a lot of ads for Catnip products. It’s medicinal, ok? I don’t have a catnip problem.

I am a philanthropist; I enjoy pretending I like certain food until she buys a lot of it, and then I completely ignore it. She ends up donating it to the cat shelter. No one can say I am not doing my part!

Just one? My whole personality is a set of fun facts! Ok Ok, one: I am a firm believer in the idea that humans should not be sleeping late. At 6.30 am, like clockwork, I will wake my human up because first of all, it’s breakfast time, I need food so I can ignore it, and two: my human is more entertaining when she is awake. Also death to all squirrels!