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Digital Marketing for Fitness & Personal Trainer

Fitness & Personal Trainer Marketing Personal trainers get more customers with web advertising.

Just a couple of years ago, there were approximately 356,900 aerobics instructors and fitness trainers. By the year 2028, it is anticipated that there will be 402,500 of the same. That’s a lot of competition. To stand out among all the others, online advertising is and will continue to be a huge part of running a fitness and exercise business. Without it, trainers and instructors will fall to the wayside, being unnoticed and overlooked. Online visibility is absolutely essential in this day and age. With a 2019 revenue of $9 billion in America, the fitness industry currently has a market value of $32 billion. Grab your market share today with fitness and personal trainer online marketing!

Website Design for Fitness & Personal Trainer

Fitness & Personal Trainer Websites Win visitors with a stellar website that markets your personal trainer

To effectively grow their business, fitness and personal trainers must attract new clients. That means a significant online presence. Only five years ago, worldwide, there were approximately 3.3 billion Internet users. Imagine how that number has expanded today. You must make it easy for prospective clients to locate you and your business. That is the ultimate goal of any online marketing strategy. This is achieved through SEO on Yahoo, Bing, and Google for your personal training website.

Search Engine Optimization for Fitness & Personal Trainer

Fitness & Personal Trainer SEO Achieve long-term success for your fitness with search engine optimization.

To bring new clientele to your fitness and personal trainer business, there are a handful of tips that are being effectively used today. The identification of top keywords will assist in creating SEOs that attract hopeful prospects. For example, “New Jersey Personal Trainer” or “Personal Trainer in Paramus” would be not only acceptable but recommended keywords. The next point is the maximization of local SEO. SmartSites knows SEO like no one else so let us be on the journey of gaining organic and lasting rankings on the SERPs with you.

Pay Per Click Marketing for Fitness & Personal Trainer

Fitness & Personal Trainer PPC Attain clients quickly with paid search.

Because a large percentage of high Internet searches end up with a prospective client clicking on a PPC ad, PPC advertising assists in attracting valuable leads. Not only can you constantly monitor the performance of your campaign, you control your own budget when you use PPC – unlike investing in other digital marketing methods. Your fitness PPC campaign can be customized to perfectly suit your needs. Let SmartSites give you a helping hand with personal trainer and fitness PPC marketing today!

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