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What the Masterclass Covers

Our goal for the Masterclass is to offer you the best tools to acquire, convert, and retain customers from your store. At the end of the Masterclass, you will be able to continually optimize your ecommerce store by leveraging the best practices shared throughout the course by our industry-leading instructors.

Shopify Masterclass


The Acquire Course will walk you through different strategies on how to attract customers to your website.

Shopify Masterclass


Throughout the Convert Course, you will learn how to translate acquired traffic into goals and conversions within your ecommerce store.

Shopify Masterclass


Once you master the Course on how to Convert traffic, we will guide you through different lessons on increasing your returning customer base.

Shopify Masterclass


Our final course will be our Optimize Course. Within this Course, we will share helpful insights and tips on how to continually optimize the strategies we just put into place.

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SmartSites CEO Mike Melen

Don't Miss Our Roundtable Discussion Hosted by SmartSites CEO Mike Melen

Joined by Attentive, Gorgias, Smith.ai, Usercentrics and ConvertCart


Michael Melen
Co-Founder At SmartSites
Olivia Hendrzak
Senior Project Manager, eCommerce Team Lead at SmartSites
Brian Chung
eCommerce Masterclass Partnership Coordinator at SmartSites
Connor O'Hanlon
PPC Operations Manager at SmartSites
David Delaplane
Partner Account Manager at Microsoft
Roxana Motoc
Head of Marketing at SocialBee
Ash Ismailovski
Project Manager at SmartSites
Maddy Martin
VP of Marketing at Smith.ai
Chloe Fisher
Director of Agency Partnerships at Clyde
Shekhar Kapoor
Vice President at ConvertCart
Morgan Campbell
Product Marketing, Platform & integrations at Attentive
Rachel Tyers
VP of Strategic Partnerships at Okendo
Jaret Meron
Growth Specialist at Spently
Raúl Galera
Chief Advocate at ReferralCandy
Ben Astin
Director of Partnerships at ShoppingGives
Nicole Baqai
Strategic partnerships at Gorgias
John C. Loiseau
Sr. Strategic Partnership Manager at Usercentrics
Jessica Benne
Policy and Communications Officer at Usercentrics
Keren Brickman
Head of Marketing at Tolstoy

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Microsoft Advertising Select Partner 2024

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