What is it?

SEMPO is the largest nonprofit trade organization in the world, established specifically for the search and digital marketing industry. SEMPO's activities center on education, networking, research, and the application of best practices. The SEMPO Gold membership was created for agencies to be able to get the benefits of the SEMPO community. Additionally, SEMPO Gold Agencies are allowed to offer individual SEMPO certification for their employees. This makes sure that both the agency and its employees stay on the cutting edge and are able to interact with the largest digital marketing community.

What is actually tested?

  • Ability to submit guest posts for blog.sempo.org.
  • Access to attend and present at SEMPO webinars.
  • Present "chat with an industry expert" videos.
  • Access to SEMPO produced webinars.
  • Access to a library of over 100 webinars from industry experts.
  • Access to a bi-annual state of the search market survey.
  • Access to local group events.
  • Ability to participate in SEMPO groups and committees.

Why it is important

Recognized Certification of Excellence

Only the best of the best in the online marketing field become gold SEMPO members. Seeing the Gold SEMPO badge assures that you’re dealing with a leading company.

Access to Webinars – Staying on the Cutting Edge

Being a SEMPO Gold member allows access to the latest and greatest webinars from both SEMPO and other industry experts, allowing SEMPO members to stay on the cutting edge of internet marketing.

SEMPO Community

Being a SEMPO Gold member allows a company to actively interact with the SEMPO community – including posting in blogs and hosting "industry expert" webinars. This makes sure that you’re not only on the cutting edge but also get feedback from your peers.

Individual Certification

Being a SEMPO Gold Member allows not only the company to be certified and receive the discussed benefits, but also allows for individual employees to also receive membership benefits.

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