Meet Richard Yenicag, Senior Account Manager | SmartSites
Richard Yenicag
Fort Lee, NJ
Montclair State University
  • Basketball Basketball
  • Hockey Hockey
  • Traveling Travel
  • Family Family
Get To Know Richard

I was a jeweler in the city that never sleeps. Aka I never slept during my jeweler days.

Saving Private Ryan as my movie & Game of Thrones as my show.

Anything hands on that include problem-solving.

Their personalities and teamwork mentality.

The job itself and the team. Oh and Friday lunch.

ESPN : Always need my sports update

Playing snake on my first desktop.

Superman : I wouldn’t mind flying.

Positive energy that motivates not only myself but the team.

The Rock: He simply never gives up, no matter how successful he is, he keeps climbing up.

St. Marten, or any other Caribbean island that has mojitos and clear blue water.

Eminem- Fight music… Pumps me up

Otto from Rocket Power.

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