What is it?

PHP is a widely used open source programming language powering the majority of the websites on the internet - including platforms like WordPress and Magento. The W3 Schools certification ensures the fundamental knowledge of PHP & SQL.

What is actually tested?

  • Array functions
  • Calendar functions
  • Date functions
  • Directory functions
  • Error functions
  • Filesystem functions
  • Filter functions
  • FTP functions
  • HTTP functions
  • LibXML functions
  • Mail functions
  • Math functions
  • Misc functions
  • MySQLi functions
  • SimpleXML functions
  • String functions
  • XML Parser functions
  • Zip function

Why it is important

Proper Coding

There are many ways to tackle a requirement with PHP. Knowing all the functions ensures the code is written in the best way.

Quick Debugging

PHP isn't static. It is frequently updated and can produce different results depending on the server environment. The exam goes over possible error messages and what they mean.

Intelligent Architecture

The SQL portion of the exam goes over data types and other database fundamentals, ensuring the proper usage and storage of data.

Great Security

PHP and all coding languages have security loopholes. The exam goes over the popular ones so we know what to avoid while writing code.

Certified PHP Developer
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