What is it?

JavaScript (js) is an object-based computer programming language used to create interactive effects on websites. Javascript is "client based" and is executed at the browser (client) level versus languages like PHP that are executed at the server level. Javascript contains many libraries and platforms (including jQuery). The W3 Schools certification ensures the fundamental knowledge and application of both Javascript and the Javascript libraries.

What is actually tested?

  • JS Introduction
  • JS Where To
  • JS Output
  • JS Syntax
  • JS Statements
  • JS Comments
  • JS Variables
  • JS Data Types
  • JS Functions
  • JS Events
  • JS Objects
  • JS Strings
  • JS Numbers
  • JS Operators
  • JS Math
  • JS Dates
  • JS Arrays
  • JS Booleans
  • JS Comparisons
  • JS Conditions
  • JS Switch
  • JS Loop For
  • JS Loop While
  • JS Breaks
  • JS Errors
  • JS RegExp
  • JS Hoisting
  • JS Strict
  • JS Reserved Words
  • JS Objects
  • Object Definitions
  • Object Properties
  • Function Definitions
  • Function Parameters
  • Function Closures
  • DOM Intro
  • DOM Methods
  • DOM Document
  • DOM Elements
  • DOM Events
  • DOM Navigation
  • DOM Nodes
  • DOM Nodelist
  • JS Browser BOM
  • JS Window
  • JS Screen
  • JS Location
  • JS History
  • JS Navigator
  • JS Popup Alert
  • JS Timing
  • JS Cookies
  • JS Libraries
  • JS jQuery
  • JS Prototype

Why it is important

Proper Coding

Javascript has many functions and applications. Knowing all the coding ensures the code is written optimally.

Quick Debugging

Javascript is a very flexible language, allowing many ways to be used – which in turn can often create many items to troubleshoot. Knowing all the functions and syntax assures quicker debugging and troubleshooting.

Intelligent Architecture

Most sites use dozens of js scripts that all interact with the site. Knowing best practices ensures that your site is coded correctly, preventing headaches down the road.

Great Security

Javascript can function differently on different platforms. Knowing how each function works assures the js functions are coded in a way that loads the same for all platforms.

Certified Javascript Developer
  • Sergey Nechaev Sergey Nechaev
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