What is it?

HubSpot is a top ranked inbound marketing platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert them into leads, and turn leads into customers. The HubSpot Academy was created to help train and certify users in inbound marketing methodology, strategy, and best practices.

What is actually tested?


  • Optimizing Your Website
  • The Fundamentals of Blogging
  • Amplifying Your Content with Social Media


  • Creating Content with a Purpose
  • The Anatomy of a Landing Page
  • Perfecting the Conversion Process


  • Sending the Right Email to the Right Lead
  • The Power of Smarketing
  • Taking Your Sales Process Inbound


Cultivating Happy Customers

Why it is important

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification ensures that you have a fundamental understanding of inbound marketing strategy and are able to apply it for your clients.

The Big Picture

The courses and certification covers everything from fundamentals to delighting customers, assuring that you have an understanding of the big picture.

HubSpot Certification

The rigorous test (which only has a 50% pass rate) assures that only the best people, with true knowledge of inbound marketing, can display their certification badge.

HubSpot Resources

Along with the InBound Marketing certification, the HubSpot Academy provides tons of courses and resources to make sure members stay up to date in all areas of online marketing.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified
  • Oleg Alex Melen
  • Mike Michael Melen
  • Oleg Oleg Korneitchouk
  • Matt Matthew Prepis
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