What is it?

HootSuite is the leading social media management platform for agencies to collaboratively manage social media campaigns across various social networks from a single dashboard. Additionally, HootSuite providers industry-leading training, certification and best practices through their HootSuite University. "HootSuite Certified" is the leading industry-recognized certification for social media advertising.

What is actually tested?

Lesson 1: Introduction - Social Media Ecosystem
Lesson 2: Social Business - Internal vs. External, Social Collaboration, Models, Social Organizational Stages
Lesson 3: Social Media Monitoring - Industry / Competitive Landscape
Lesson 4: Strategic Planning Process
Lesson 5: Strategy / Tactics: Integration and Implementation
Lesson 6: Social Media Listening and Response
Lesson 7: Social Influence - Targeting / Segmentation
Lesson 8: Big Data / Data Analytics / Measuring ROI
Lesson 9: Content Strategy - SEO, Integration of Owned, Earned, Paid, Inbound Marketing, Native Advertising, Mobile, Local, Social
Lesson 10: Content Engagement Strategy
Lesson 11: Content Curation
Lesson 12: Real-time, Responsive Marketing
Lesson 13: Crisis Management
Lesson 14: Data Security / Privacy
Lesson 15: Social Business and Communication Plan Synopsis

Why it is important

HootSuite Familiarity

The training and certification assures fundamental knowledge of HootSuite's features and functionality, which can then be applied to your social media campaigns.

Social Media Fundamentals

The HootSuite University provides hours and hours of social media courses to assure a deep knowledge of all the particulars of social media and social media advertising.

HootSuite Certification

Industry-recognized certification assures that the company you're working with is accredited and is fully knowledgably about social media.

Up to date Videos and Articles

By being part of HootSuite University allows access to cutting edge publications and videos assuring we're always on the cutting edge of social media.

Hootsuite Certified Professionals
  • Oleg Oleg Korneitchouk
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