What is it?

Google Partners is a Google program to certify online marketing companies, trusted by Google. As Google describes it, "achieving partner status is not supposed to be easy." To become Google Partner, a company needs to train and certify it's employees, follow best practices, and maintain a certain amount of advertising spend under it'’s management.

Employee Certification

The Google Partners program requires that employees of the partner company get certified (and remain certified) by taking exams on Adwords Fundamentals, Advanced Search, Advanced Display and much more.

Best Practice Utilization

Google reviews all accounts under management by the Google Partner to make sure best practices are utilized. Additionally, each Google Partner is rated on their performance and use of best practices.

Active Spend

Google only certifies active and well established companies into the Google Partner program. To make sure the Partner remains active, Google sets a required minimum of spend that the Google Partner has to have under management.

Why it is important

Trustworthy Companies

The rigorous Google Partner program makes sure that only established and trustworthy companies get the coveted Google seal of approval.

Certifications and Courses

The certifications and courses required by the program makes sure that the Partner’s employees are constantly trained in all of the features and functionality of Google Adwords.

Best Practices

Google actively reviews Partner's accounts to make sure best practices are always applied for their clients. Google Partners are held to a very high standard making sure that they provide the best possible optimizations for their clients.

Google Relationship

Being part of the exclusive Google Partner program gives us a special relationship with Google. This allows us to beta-test cutting-edge features, get access to unique promotion, and have a direct contact with Google for Adwords issues and support.

Google Certified Partners
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