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Connor O’hanlon
Oakland, NJ
Rowan University
  • Football
  • Traveling
  • Baseball
Get To Know Connor

Game of Thrones is my favorite TV show of all time. I love the characters, locations and constant plot twists that can happen at any time. It’s also extremely unpredictable and complex, which makes every episode a must watch for me. I’m counting down for Season 7 as I write this.

Bleacher Report, Reddit, Twitter. Sports are my #1 passion, so I am always looking at the recent articles about my favorite teams and some of the stuff on Reddit is just hilarious. I’m also always reading subreddits about my favorite shows.

I enjoy the flexibility and the expertise here. Everyone here is an expert in some area and it allows me to ask anybody for any questions I have. The work environment is great too.

I remember using AOL & Aim to talk to all of my friends in elementary school. We always used to communicate on there during the summer to figure out our plans for the day and where to meet.

I would love to teleport anywhere at any time. I love traveling, but planning trips and finding flights is a hassle, I would love to skip that in the future. It would be awesome to want to go somewhere and immediately be able to do it.

My parents both inspire me. Both of them have worked extremely hard throughout their lives to put me and my 3 siblings through college, while always bringing us on trips around the world. I hope to be able to succeed like them and provide a similar life to own children in the future.

I have a wonderful Black Lab named Molly. She’s become a very important part of our family over the years and sadly is one of my best friends.

I could imagine myself living in many places. I recently went to Boston and loved it there, so I would put that on the top of my list right now. I’m sure it will change when I visit another countries. I think I would really love Barcelona, Spain though.

I would definitely be Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Phil is extremely childish, but a successful Real Estate agent with an awesome family and a nice house. I hope to be as passionate as him when I have kids. And he has some awesome suits and dress clothes.

It wasn’t exotic, but the coolest place I have ever visited was Ireland. I spent about 9 days traveling the country and it was great. Many of the cities are beautiful, and it definitely inspired me to want to visit a bunch of other countries across Europe.

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