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Christine Garabedian
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Concordia College
  • Animals Animals
  • Traveling Traveling
  • Board Games Board Games
Get To Know Christine

Camp Counselor at my favorite place in the world, Camp Nubar in Andes New York

  • Movie – Casino
  • TV Show – Seinfeld

The Art of Living – Dalai Lama

  • Poshmark (shopping Addiction lol)

Everyone is very friendly, eager to help and good spirited

The employees 😊

GOOGLE!!!! My go-to for anything I need to know

Dial Up AOL- Always getting in trouble bc when my parents tried to call the phone would be busy bc my sister and I tied up the line with AOL

Super women – making sure every child is being treated nicely by their peers 😊

I LIVE for my pets.  I have 3 dogs. Nico, Yorkie Age 3.  Snoop, Mix Breed Rescue, Age 4. Lucky, Mix Hound Rescue Age 2.  1 Cat Micky Age 13. 1 Guinea Pig, Espresso, Age 1.

Maldives.  By far the most beautiful amazing place in the world.

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