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Train Away Pain Helps More Clients Prevent Pain And Improve Performance With Informative Website And Resourceful Seo Plan.

Train Away Pain is a progressive fitness center that focuses on physical performance and injury prevention strategies. Their goal is to help clients reach their full potential by addressing pain patterns and movement imbalances, and prescribing exercises to improve overall performance.


Train Away Pain came to SmartSites in need of a website overhaul. Their old web presence was two individual, single-page sites that proved to be quite confusing for clients. Visitors didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Additionally, the TAP team was unable to make changes to the site, which left it stale and static. Train Away Pain needed an outlet for their clients to easily access the care they required.


Build a new website on WordPress so the TAP team could easily make changes.

Build specific pages for pain prevention and pain type of target a wide audience.

Make the new site mobile responsive.

Plan and execute a clever SEO strategy for easy search access.

Pre-write and verify editorial calendar for blog posts.

Train Away Pain Mobile Friendly Website Design
Train Away Pain's mobile friendly website designs.
Train Away Pain website on a laptop
Desktop version of Train Away Pain's sleek website.
Train Away Pain Old and New Website Design
Train Away Pain Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Train Away Pain Training Session
Train Away Pain offers physical therapy workouts and injury prevention strategies to prevent pain and promote performance

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