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The Calendar Group grows sales with a responsive site design, search engine optimization, and a Google Adwords campaign.

The Calendar Group is a leading staffing agency in NYC and Connecticut. Established in 2002, The Calendar Group has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week. The Group differentiates itself through the unparalleled personal attention they give while servicing their distinguished clientele.

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The Challenge

The Calendar Group came to SmartSites by referral; they were dissatisfied with their previous agency's Google Adwords' management and sought a change. The Calendar Group required a two pronged approach; they first needed to target high net-worth individuals looking for staffing. Secondly, they had to build a pool of applicants to fill those positions.

The Plan

  • Create a responsive layout to improve mobile and table user experience.
  • Research potential keywords and make recommendations of new content pages.
  • Migrate to a WordPress CMS.
  • Perform onsite SEO optimizations.
  • Manage a highly targeted pay-per-click campaign through Google Adwords.
  • Run a link building campaign to increase search rankings.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Increase in total site traffic 60%
  • Increased clicks from Adwords 108%
  • Decrease in Adwords cost per click 25%
  • Increase in Adwords conversions 152%
The Calendar Group Before & After Website Redesign
The Calendar Group Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
The Calendar Group Professional Logo
The Calendar Group's professional logo design created by the SmartSites team.
The Calendar Group Modern Website Design on IPad & IPhone
The Calendar Group's modern website design on the IPhone & IPad.
The Calendar Group Sleek Homepage Desktop.
The Calendar Group's new sleek homepage designs as seen on a desktop computer.

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