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Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center treats more patients with a new logo, website design, and SEO.

Dr. Rizio specializes in sports injuries of the upper and lower extremities, cartilage repair, and reconstructive procedures of the knee and shoulder. Dr. Rizio is the team physician and orthopedic surgeon responsible for treating the injuries of many sports teams in the greater New Jersey area.

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The Challenge

Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center, led by Dr. Rizio, treats sports-related injuries for many top athletes in the NYC metro area. The practice found it challenging to attract new patients and promote their services without a strong web presence. They sought out SmartSites' services to remedy their ailments.

The Plan

  • Create a professional website on WordPress for easy editing.
  • Design a sophisticated logo to represent the upscale brand.
  • Optimize the site for SEO while also pursuing an aggressive link building campaign.
  • Optimize Paid Search to increase click through rates and leads to the site.
  • Increase in total site traffic 667%
  • Increase in Page Views 405%
  • Increase in Organic Traffic 947%
  • Increase in Paid Search click through rate (CTR) 38%
Sports Medicine & Orthpaedic Center Before & After Website Redesign
Sports Medicine & Orthpaedic Center Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Sports Medicine & Orthpaedic Center Company Details.
Sports Medicine & Orthpaedic Center specializes in helping active people and athletes alike
Sports Medicine & Orthpaedic Center Brand New Website
Sports Medicine & Orthpaedic Center brand new website design on IPad.
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