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South Florida Distillers sells more rum with an alluring website design.

South Florida Distillers is a Florida-based distiller and distributor of premium rum under the FWAYGO brand. The rum is produced in 300 gallon, East Coast wood barrels, giving it a unique and premium taste.

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The Challenge

South Florida Distillers came to SmartSites as a new company looking to establish an online presence. They sought to attract and engage customers while simultaneously promoting the FWAYGO rum brand. South Florida Distillers needed an exceptional website to stand out in the highly-competitive Florida rum market.

The Plan

  • Design a logo that captures the spirit of the company while emphasizing the South Florida local-brand connection.
  • Create a website that was both informative and interactive.
  • Use the website to help fans locate where to purchase FWAYGO while also promoting tastings at the distillery.
  • Ensure that the website loaded quickly and encouraged interaction.
  • Limit site access by age but ensure high Google rankings.
  • Icon Tick MarkSite load time of under 2 seconds
  • Increase in site traffic 515%
South Florida Distillers Liquor Labels
SmartSites designed the liquor lables for South Florida Distillers.
South Florida Distillers Website Navigation
South Florida Distillers unique website & navigation was created by SmartSites.
South Florida Distillers modern subpages
Check out South Florida Distillers modern subpage designs.

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