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The Pursuit Of Happiness Promotes Studying The Highly-contested Science Through Ongoing Ppc And Consultations.

The Pursuit of Happiness is a team of psychologists, philosophers, educators, clinical professionals dedicated to advancing the study of happiness. They provide science-based information on life skills and habits needed to enhance well-being and prevent depression. Their overall goal is to help clients pursue meaningful lives through their hybrid, online, and onsite educational programs.


The Pursuit of Happiness is a nonprofit that sought to promote courses and the overall study of happiness as a science. They received a grant from Google Adwords to implement PPC marketing, but with limitations. Their restricted budget proposed a challenge with regards to realizing the mission to help people on a holistic level.


Assign a dedicated project manager to oversee site consultations.

Implement clever ad copy to offset $2/click limit set by Adwords Grant.

Analyze users based on visitors vs. customers and optimize process accordingly.

Suggest new content in form of newsletter, copy, and development to work with board of directors and improve site’s sales.

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