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Pop Shops Helps Business Owners Earn More Money Through Their Own Websites With Slick New Logo Design.

Pop Shops, a subset of Rakuten Marketing LLC, is a revolutionary way to implement e-commerce capabilities to your website. It’s fast, easy, and totally customizable. This solution is a simple and effective way to earn money with your website.


Pop Shops is a subsidiary of Rakuten, a major marketing company based out of Japan. The challenge here was weaving through multiple levels of upper management in order to gain final approval. Design was not an issue; the tricky aspects came with brand identity and the specific branding requirements that had to be adhered to.


Design and mock up a variety of logo options for Pop Shops.

Edit and revise logo design to contain both Pop Shops and Rakuten.

Adhere to specific branding requirements as provided by Rakuten.

Alter sizing of each brand/company according to upper management’s dictation.

Popshops customized t-shirt design
PopShops sell unique customized shirts displaying their logo on the front
Popshops promotional material
Maximize your business's earnings promoting products and coupons with PopShops.
Popshops logo design
PopShops sharp logo design was created by SmartSites.

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