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Pop Shops helps business owners earn more money through their own websites with slick new logo design.

Pop Shops, a subset of Rakuten Marketing LLC, is a revolutionary way to implement e-commerce capabilities to your website. It's fast, easy, and totally customizable. This solution is a simple and effective way to earn money with your website.


The Challenge

Pop Shops is a subsidiary of Rakuten, a major marketing company based out of Japan. The challenge here was weaving through multiple levels of upper management in order to gain final approval. Design was not an issue; the tricky aspects came with brand identity and the specific branding requirements that had to be adhered to.

The Plan

  • Design and mock up a variety of logo options for Pop Shops.
  • Edit and revise logo design to contain both Pop Shops and Rakuten.
  • Adhere to specific branding requirements as provided by Rakuten.
  • Alter sizing of each brand/company according to upper management's dictation.
  • Icon Tick MarkNew Logo design
PopShops sharp logo design
PopShops sharp logo design was created by SmartSites.
PopShops Product & Coupon Data Cleansing
Maximize your business's earnings promoting products and coupons with PopShops.
PopShops Brand Collateral Shirts
PopShops sell unique customized shirts displaying their logo on the front

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