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Pit Stop Auto sells more Auto Parts with new website design and marketing through Google Adwords Product Listing Ads.

Pit Stop Auto is a specialist in quality automotive parts with highly trained certified technicians on staff. The company is centrally located in Texas allowing them to quickly ship to customers throughout the US and the rest of the world.


Pit Stop Auto is a big player in the highly competitive car parts industry. In order to compete on a national level, Pit Stop knew their current website needed an overhaul wither more focus on user experience. SmartSites had to figure out how to integrate their existing proprietary database system with their new e-commerce site to insure both parties were successful.


Custom design and develop new website on Magento 2

Create an easy way for customers to find products based on searchable content

Offer an extremely user friendly mobile ex

Improve page speeds with site optimizations and dedicated server hosting

Pit Stop Auto Showcase
Pit Stop Auto Showcase
Pit Stop Auto Showcase

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