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NJIU maximizes class size and certifies more ultrasound technicians with astute marketing strategy.

New Jersey Institute of Ultrasound, a private career school, trains students to begin new careers in the medical field. Their mission is to exist as an organization of health care educators that helps their students and the community receive excellent medical services.

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The Challenge

NJIU is a small ultrasound certification program located in New Jersey. They came to SmartSites looking to fill but not exceed their maximum 30-seat classrooms. They had budgetary restraints but specific goals. SmartSites thought outside the box to meet NJIU's needs.

The Plan

  • Work with limited budget to improve site's design.
  • Create lead-capture focused landing page on a separate hosting server while simultaneously working with NJIU's current site: http://getstarted.njiuedu.com/#aboutnjiu.
  • Implemented strategic PPC campaign to meet 30-seat classroom quota.
  • Icon Tick MarkSuccessfully filled all 30 seats for summer classes
  • Improved results due to new landing page 500%

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