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McGee Amusements Marketing

McGee Amusements sells, services, repairs, and leases more amusement games with PPC campaign and new hosting setup.

McGee Amusements is a top notch Digital Jukebox supplier servicing New York and New Jersey. They provide the newest gaming entertainment and jukebox devices to taverns, restaurants, and bars.

Pay Per Click

The Challenge

McGee Amusement's niche industry was a different kind of challenge for SmartSites. Their arcades and pinball machines service bars, taverns, and restaurants in the local NY/NJ area. In addition to seeking an increase qualified clicks to the site, McGee wanted to improve page speed load time as well.

The Plan

  • Move the website to T35hosting to load quicker.
  • Implement conversion tracking.
  • Set up PPC campaigns targeting specific products.
  • Negative certain keywords (i.e. mobile app games) to improve number of qualified clicks.
  • Set up remarketing campaign to bring visitors back to the website.
  • Increase in monthly calls 85%
  • Improved Conversions 60.64%
  • Cost per click improvement8.5%
  • Icon Tick MarkPage Speed optimization

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