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Master Holistic Formulations sells more medicinal supplements with a new Magento ecommerce site.

Master Holistic Formulations is dedicated to developing nutritional support products for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Their products are specifically designed to help repair, restore, and balance overall health and normal functions to the body and brain in the shortest time possible.

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The Challenge

Master Holistic Formulations (MHF) wanted a customizable and robust Ecommerce platform that was unachievable with their previous Volusion-based website. The challenge was migrating to a new Ecommerce platform while keeping all of their current products and functionalities. Additionally, they needed the new site to be both user-friendly and optimized for search engines.

The Plan

  • Develop a custom Magento website to revamp the old Master Holistic Formulations dated and templated look.
  • Focus on the user experience while simultaneously taking advantage all of Magento's advanced functionality.
  • Install SSL and optimize the new Magento-based website for search engines.
  • Migrate all the products from the old Volusion website and train the client on the new, more feature-rich, Magento interface.
  • Increase in total site traffic by 912%
  • Increase in page views 248%
  • Increase in mobile traffic 222%
  • Decrease in site load time 73%
Master Holistic Formulations Before & After Website Redesign
Master Holistic Formulations Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Master Holistic Formulations Mind and Body Products
Master Holistic Formulations sells a variety of products for the recovery and repair of the mind and body.
MHF Ecommerce nutritional supplement site.
Check out the Master Holistic Formulations ecommerce nutritional supplement site.
Designed & Developed New Website for MHF
SmartSites designed and developed a brand new website for Master Holistic Formulations.

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