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Master Framers Builds More House Frames And Promotes Their Brand With Intricate New Logo Design And Branding.

Master Framers provides house framing services for major construction companies. Before walls can be built and pictures can be hung, frames must be bolstered into the ground. Precision, accuracy, and expertise are the guiding forces for this business.


Master Framers came to SmartSites with a general idea of what they wanted for a logo, but no clue of how to make it a reality. Their business was based on precision, expertise, and accuracy. In order to build a fully functional house, all the frames have to be cut and fine-tuned to exact measurements. One slip up can result in total disaster. The goal was to create a logo that reflected this acute attention to detail through its design.


Gain a strong understanding of the client’s industry, and client’s audience.

Use original ideas, as well as ideas provided by the client, to mock up logo designs.

Communicate effectively with the client to verify details such as measurements and tone.

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