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Lucius Precious Metals moves money quicker and meets the needs of Gold/Silver investors with live-market pricing and new website.

LPM is one of Asia's largest and most trusted Precious Metal Retailers. They carry a wide range of products including, but not limited to, newly- released silver coins, gold bullion, certified coins, and the most innovative collectible numismatic issues.

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The Challenge

LPM came to SmartSites with a host of requests. They needed live-market pricing for their Hong Kong-based company. Incorporating two currencies and two languages into the new site was crucial, as was the integration of a custom- coded, Magento-based credit card processor for use in the Hong Kong market. Additionally, SmartSites had to seamlessly incorporate the collectibles side of the business into core bullion dealership.

The Plan

  • Design and build a new website in 2 languages that supports 2 currencies.
  • Custom code and design a credit card processing solution with Magento for the Hong Kong market.
  • Integrate live market pricing to the new website.
  • Continuously update the site when new bullion collectibles appear on the market.
  • Incorporate remarketing in an aggressive PPC campaign.
  • Run an ongoing link building & content writing strategy to consistently increase site traffic.
  • Increase in Organic Site Traffic 45.93%
  • Increase in total site traffic 45.91%
  • Increase in time on site 23%
Lucius Precious Metals Before & After Website Redesign
Lucius Precious Metals Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Lucius Precious Metals user-friendly website
SmarSites optimized website compatibility for mobile and laptopc
Lucius Precious Metals sells Silver Coins
Lucius Precious Metals remains as Asia's most trusted silver and gold product dealer!
Lucius Precious Metals cutting-edge website
Lucius Precious Metals ugraded to a stunning webpage layout & redesign

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