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Fornazor International sells more agricultural feed with a new website design.

Fornazor International, Inc. supplies a wide range of feed ingredients and finished animal feeds to the export market. Their ingredients include animal protein, vegetable protein, marine proteins, whole grains, forage grasses, and equine feeds.

Web Design

The Challenge

Fornazor International wanted to spruce up their dated website and grow market share in a traditionally off-line industry. Additionally, they needed a website that was mobile responsive and contained information to help acquire leads from both the U.S., as well as overseas.

The Plan

  • Create a modern website design and brand image.
  • Optimize the website to encourage a higher average of time-on-site and more page views per session.
  • Create a user-friendly and informational blog.
  • Make the website mobile responsive to allow for a better mobile-browsing experience.
  • Increase in average time on site 166%
  • Increase in pages per session 119%
  • Decrease in page load time 54%
  • Icon Tick MarkTraffic increase to an average of 1,800 sessions/month
Fornazor Before & After Website Redesign
Fornazor Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Fornazor International Inc. Tablet User-Friendly Website
Fornazor International Inc.provides tablet users with a robust, easy-to-navigate website
Fornazor International Inc. Mobile Responsive Robust Site
Fornazor International Inc. holds a robust, innovative website that now is mobile responsive!
Fornazor International Inc. is an Exporter of Animal Feed Ingredients
Fornazor International Inc. is an exporter of animal feed Ingredients and other commodities since 1979

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