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Flight Courtier offers more discounts on luxury-level flights with dynamic PPC campaign.

Flight Courtier is a travel agency that focuses on providing travelers with comfort and luxury at affordable rates. They work exclusively with business and first class markets to provide great deals on air fare and experience.

Pay Per Click

The Challenge

Flight Courtier is a travel agency offering business class flights and bookings at discounted prices. Their competition were major powerhouses such as Expedia and Orbitz, as well as the airlines that they service. SmartSites needed to jump in on the competitive niche to help Flight Courtier properly capture leads.

The Plan

  • Focus the PPC campaign on specific routes, keywords, and airline brands
  • Create brand-building campaigns according to leads' potential goals
  • Implement clever remarketing strategies
  • Set up PPC campaign to be started and stopped according to Flight Courtier's specific schedule
  • Cost Per Click improved 30.42%
  • Click through rate improved 96.61%
  • Conversions improved 25.98%

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