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EnergyWatch helps more businesses reduce energy expenditures through intelligent SEO strategies.

EnergyWatch is a fully integrated, cloud-based platform that provides software and consulting services to energy and risk management industries. Their goals are threefold: help clients simplify energy reporting, reduce energy expenses, and increase overall energy income.


The Challenge

EnergyWatch came to SmartSites with an interesting situation. They provided a cloud-based, money-saving proposal for energy costs, but also faced challenges. The main issue was that they were competing against a variety of other pre- established sales strategies that incorporated elements such as electricity and heat. They were different, but didn't know how to effectively communicate their lucrative solution to the masses.

The Plan

  • Focus on the B2B aspects of the company.
  • Position the niche, cloud-based software as a positive alternative to pre- existing solutions.
  • Perform extensive geographical research to determine individual cities' energy management needs.
  • Rethink which cities to target based on energy management needs.
  • Rewrite individual pages for each city to properly geo-target.
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