Dwyer Home Collection

Dwyer Home Collection Marketing

The Dwyer Home Collection sells more housewares with product-based PPC campaign and dynamic bidding structure.

The Dwyer Home Collection offers a variety of unique door and cabinet door knobs to meet all tastes. In addition to their knob collection, Dwyer sells vintage collectibles and kitchenware.

Pay Per Click

The Challenge

The Dwyer Home Collection had a very specialized site that sold custom doorknobs and other miscellaneous housewares. As much as the owner tried to promote herself in the community, sales were steadily decreasing on the site. Furthermore, her competitors were big name, mainstream retailers with huge marketing budgets. SmartSites needed to cleverly combat that.

The Plan

  • Focus the PPC campaign on product feeds to allow the products to be portrayed with photos
  • Set up conversion tracking with value amounts to collect accurate data
  • Set up dynamic bidding based on value of products
  • Develop remarketing campaign
  • Assist client in customizing ecommerce CMS and fixing interface issues.
  • Click through Rate improvement 9.60%
  • Decrease in Cost per conversions 23.67%

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