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Dharma Locals connects more locals and travelers with the development of their site and business.

Dharma Locals is an innovative platform allowing local hosts to give travelers unique NYC experiences for others seeking the same. Their goal is to connect the world by offering new insight and opportunities.

Web Design

The Challenge

The challenge in building Dharmalocals.com was the nature of the business: the website is the business. With no storefront off of which to base the website, SmartSites had to essentially work with the Dharma owners to create this company from scratch. Its highly custom and complex concept meant many hours of education. Furthermore, Dharma Locals competition were Trip4Real and Peek, companies backed by major financial investments. How could Dharma compete with that?

The Plan

  • Build a one-of-a-kind website to run the business that is Dharma Locals.
  • Capitalize on the New York Metro area as the major focal point.
  • Promote friendly vibe that promotes the 'local' feel.
  • Plan and implement creative branding and marketing techniques to offset competitors' investments.
  • Icon Tick MarkDesign/Development
  • Icon Tick MarkOngoing consultations
Dharma Locals Before & After Website Redesign
Dharma Locals Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Dharma Locals Original and Impressive Redesigned Site
Dharma Locals obtained a fully original and impressive redesigned website from the SmartSites team
Dharma Locals Unique Tablet Responsive Site
Dharma Locals' modern, unique website now optimized for tablet functionality
Dharma Locals Refurbished Exclusive Emblem
SmartSites provided Dharma Locals with an inventive, refurbished emblem

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