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Dean Street Greenery sells more flowers and better services the community with seasonal PPC campaign.

Dean Street Greenery is a boutique florist located in the heart of Bergen County. Founded in 1991, the Greenery provides discerning customers with unique plants, flowers, floral arrangements, potpourri, and decorative home accessories.

Pay Per Click

The Challenge

Dean Street Greenery, a local flower shop in Englewood, NJ, came to SmartSites needing more traffic with a very quick turnaround. It was the week before Valentine's Day, and sales were down. SmartSites needed to explore the Greenery's untapped potential with regards to local residential and commercial customers.

The Plan

  • Create ad-groups focusing on hyper-local people
  • Create ad-groups focusing on non-locals sending flowers to relatives in the nearby hospital
  • Create recurring and lucrative ad-groups for corporate entities to be replaced weekly
  • Optimize the campaign regularly based on seasonality
  • Click Through Rate improved 71%
  • Icon Tick MarkAdwords' success inspired owner to close physical store and focus only on online sales!

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