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CNOX sells more plastic pallets with brand new website and content strategy.

CNOX is a team of dedicated individuals who pride themselves in providing durable, eco-friendly solutions for businesses across every industry. Their plastic pallets are not only durable, but also lightweight, safe, and recyclable.

The Challenge

CNOX is a B2B company that produces shipping pallets. Although most of their sales occurred off-line, they still needed a website to attract potential clients and provide information to their current ones. Their previous website was just one page, and received virtually no traffic.

The Plan

Create an elegant and informational website.

Create unique pages explaining the use of pallets in various industries, while simultaneously increasing search engine exposure.

Create a blog to facilitate additional content creation.

The Results


Increase in total site traffic


Increase in page views


Increase in organic search traffic


Decrease in page load time

Cnox Plastics recycling
Cnox Plastics is the leading pallet manufacturing company in the NJ area!
Cnox Plastics upgraded website design
Cnox Plastics shows off its complete website redesign- courtesy of SmartSites
Cnox Plastics website on a laptop
Cnox Plastics illustrates its fantastic website on a PC

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