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Club Barks Boards, Grooms, And Trains More Pets With Tracked Conversions And Geo-targeting.

Club Barks is the perfect getaway for pups. Their services include world- class dog and cat boarding, daily grooming, pet daycare, and extensive dog training. With three operational locations, Club Barks is the go-to for pet care in New Jersey.


Club Barks is a doggy day care and pet care servicer with 4 current NJ locations. As they expand their business, they wanted a partner in the web-sphere to help promote their name and increase business. Their niche was high quality service for low prices; they sought to manage cash flow as the business explored expanding into franchises.


Calculate lifetime customer value to estimate appropriate budget

Set up campaigns targeting geographic areas in NJ

Refocus different services in each geographic area

Set up conversion tracking to analyze which services performed best with paid search campaign

Run, manage, and geo-target Facebook advertisements

The Results


Increase in conversions


Decrease in cost per conversion


Increase in click through rate

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