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Classic Audi sells more cars with SEO and PPC campaigns.

Located in Westchester, New York, Classic Audi is a family owned dealership in business for over 35 years. They provide new and used Audis to the entire Tri-State area.


Working with large corporations presents challenges such as very specific content and a strict approval process. As the dealership updates their monthly deals and promotions, SmartSites has to continually update the pages and ad campaigns to reflect this.


Perform an SEO audit to determine critical issues

Develop direction pages to drive in-store visits

Create car comparison pages to build dealership awareness

Collect and analyze data to build a successful PPC campaign

The Results


Increase in total site traffic


Increase in organic search traffic


Increase in click-through rate (CTR)

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Updated Classic Audi website design done by SmartSites

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