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Boardroom Socks Increases Sales Direct To Their Website With Strategic Remarketing And PPC Campaigns.

Board Room Socks is an All-American, family owned and operated hosiery retailer. They sell a superior line of dress socks for the upscale man looking to appropriately complement his dapper wardrobe.


Boardroom Socks came to SmartSites with a unique challenge; they sold men’s wool dress socks out of third parties such as Amazon and TJMaxx, but wanted to promote their own website and become more independent. With a limited budget, and a seemingly seasonal product, SmartSites had to get creative with bidding and working with the product feed.


Set up two campaigns to play off the other’s results.

Simultaneously run, manage, and optimize both campaigns.

Adjust product feed campaign and regular search campaign according to each other’s performance.

The Results


Increase in Monthly Sales


increase in conversions


increase in click through rate

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