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Boardroom Socks increases sales direct to their website with strategic remarketing and PPC campaigns.

Board Room Socks is an All-American, family owned and operated hosiery retailer. They sell a superior line of dress socks for the upscale man looking to appropriately complement his dapper wardrobe.

Pay Per Click

The Challenge

Boardroom Socks came to SmartSites with a unique challenge; they sold men's wool dress socks out of third parties such as Amazon and TJMaxx, but wanted to promote their own website and become more independent. With a limited budget, and a seemingly seasonal product, SmartSites had to get creative with bidding and working with the product feed.

The Plan

  • Set up two campaigns to play off the other's results.
  • Simultaneously run, manage, and optimize both campaigns.
  • Adjust product feed campaign and regular search campaign according to each other's performance.
  • Icon Tick MarkIncrease in total website sales from $840 in first month to consistently over $3,000 per month.
  • Improved Conversions 42.57%
  • CTR improvement5%

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