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Application Associates Marketing

Filter distributor helps sell more filtration equipment with a national Paid Search campaign.

Established in 1974, Application Associates is a Factory-authorized Dealer/Distributor of Low Pressure Air, Vacuum, and Filtration Equipment .Their products are vital to both the Agricultural and Manufacturing industries.

Pay Per Click

The Challenge

Application Associates is a conglomerate of over half a dozen air, vacuum, and filtration brands with tens of thousands of products. Although they were already a well-established brand with a long history of paid search campaigns, they needed to decrease cost while increasing sales.

The Plan

  • Perform a full PPC audit, identifying and implementing over 2-dozen performance improvements.
  • Restructure the campaigns into very specific groups while also setting up precise sales/conversion tracking.
  • Set up Product Listing Ads for the two largest brands.
  • Optimize regularly based on actual sales data.
  • Increase in click through rate (CTR) 25%
  • Decrease in total cost 10%
  • Increase in conversions (sales) 52%
  • Decrease in cost per conversion 34%

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