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Allied Glass and Mirror LLC sells more glass door and shower doors with budget-friendly PPC campaign.

Allied Glass and Mirror designs, manufactures, and installs glass doors, sliders, and shower doors. They offer a variety of design styles, to be installed by licensed and insured mechanics. Allied Glass custom fits all installations with professionalism and expertise.

Pay Per Click

The Challenge

Allied Glass and Mirror LLC sells a variety of specific products but were previously receiving the wrong kind of customers. Instead of inquiries about shower doors, many site visitors seemed to be searching for information on glass for cars and windshields. This wasted a lot of marketing money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

The Plan

  • Set up and run a very targeted campaign for specific products.
  • Negative keywords based on car glass and windshield glass.
  • Set up conversion tracking to focus on less competitive shower doors that yielded a higher ROI; i.e. frameless shower doors, tub showers.
  • Icon Tick MarkIncrease in leads from 20 to 29 in month 1
  • Icon Tick MarkIncrease in leads to over 40 in month 2

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