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Alexis Band jams at more weddings thanks to their exciting new logo and website.

Alexis Band is a music company that has performed with legendary artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, The Gypsy Kings, and Cirque du Soleil. Alexis Band performs for private events around the world.

Logo Web Design

The Challenge

Alexis Band is a high-energy, live entertainment band. Their goal was to have this message conveyed through their brand and website.

The Plan

  • Custom Logo design.
  • Total redesign of the website.
  • Migrate to a WordPress CMS.
  • Custom guestbook.
  • Showcase their massive portfolio of photos and videos.
  • Use Google Maps API to showcase the variety of locations where Alexis Band has performed .
  • Ongoing maintenance and support by SmartSites.
  • Icon Tick MarkTrendy new logo
  • Icon Tick MarkExciting website design
Alexis Band Before & After Website Redesign
Alexis Band Before & After Responsive Website Redesign Showcase
Alexis Band Logo Remodeling
Alexis Band offers entertainment services for all occassions!
Alexis Band Enhanced Site Redesign
Alexis Band caters worldwide entertainment services for over 15 years and counting!
Alexis Band Wholistic Website Restructure
Alexis Band promotes its wholistic restructured website provided by SmartSites

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