Writing Engaging Content For Pet Sitting Websites

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Writing Engaging Content For Pet Sitting Websites

Do you treat your pet sitting website as the main marketing tool? Is your website paying off or affecting your business in a bad way? A good pet sitting website should not only be remembered for its beautiful web design elements, but also its ability to convert visitors into happy customers. However, you can only gain that new client after first connecting them through your site — quality content creation. Find out what other pet sitting websites talk about on their website and use their works as inspiration! Let’s find out more:

Menly’s Pet Care

The owner of Menly’s Pet Care had an epiphany. She thought to herself about the possibility of writing a case study of how she lost a client’s dog and then sharing it with other on her blog. Most pet sitting business owners will turn down the idea. However, she wrote extraordinarily profound and powerful post that consisted of honesty, transparency, and a mixture of emotions. She used her blog/website to teach others a lesson that mistakes happen and screw ups can occur when you least expect it. Whether it was the individual’s fault or not, it is pertinent that you show your target audience that you can handle crisis well and maintain professionalism at all times.

Woof’n Purr

Some pet sitting businesses serve more than one town, neighborhood, or area. How can one best display their multiple service areas in a way that their client and Google will value? For starters, you should not duplicate your pages—that features the same content—and only change the service location’s name. Try a different approach. For instance, Woof’n Purr attempts to attract people relocating or traveling to new areas. When they created new service location pages, they talked about some little known facts about that area. This means that you can mention popular events, landmarks, pet friendly restaurants, hotels and more. Including customer reviews from those areas work too!

Laughing Pets Atlanta

As a professional pet care provider, you are automatically in the business of trust. Laughing Pets Atlanta’s website content explains why their potential clients can trust them. For example, you can create a Why Hire Us section or page. The page should detail your core strengths that differentiate your business from others providing the same service. Instead of asking for a neighbor or friend to care for your pet, why not send your pet to someone who lives and breathes pet sitting 24/7? This is something you need to educated your customers on. Go ahead and list out your best traits and put them on your site!

Happy Paws Pet Blog

Happy Paws Pet Blog makes an excellent case study of proper blog execution. They used their blog as a means to educate their audience and add value to their business at the same time. Alex, the owner, implements a clear and succinct structure comprising different categories that can be browsed through easily. Blog content was also neatly organized into sections like Reviews, Gift Ideas, Pet Health, and Pet Safety.