Why You Should Still Be Advertising On Facebook In 2016

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Why You Should Still Be Advertising On Facebook In 2016

Marketing; whether it is search marketing, email marketing, blogging, or creating high-quality videos, the options to get your brand out there are endless. In modern-day society, the dominating force is none other than social media. And the social network that one simply does not ignore is Facebook! Find out why you should still be advertising on Facebook in 2016.

You Can Easily Find New Qualified Leads

Once you get the gist of the “lookalike audiences” feature in Facebook (Learn how to create one here), you will be so enthralled by it when you start cloning an audience that converts superbly. Is this some kind of joke? Definitely not! Because it’s real! You simply take a custom audience and this social media platform will reach new – I repeat NEW – people who are deemed similar to that audience who are interested in your business.

Also, the “lookalike audiences” feature is built with conversion pixels. Coupled with the fact that you can further define the targeting options and size to make sure your lookalike audience accurately reflects your target buyers, you will be able to keep up and beat your competitors! If you have plans to increase revenue as well as targeting for user acquisition, allow Facebook to take the guesswork out of these projects.

You Can Re-Engage Audiences that Have Already Visited Your Site

Contemplate no more as now is the time to try out remarketing on Facebook. This strategy is widely praised and working wonders for marketers who wish to target audiences that have already visited their site. These audiences are special and should not be let out of sight because they are more likely to be interested in your services and products at some level. What’s more, it benefits you even more if you are doing paid search. You can give your PPC leads a boost by using Facebook ads to do remarketing to the non-converters.

Facebook Still Possess Exceptional Targeting Capabilities

Sure, there are many different types of advertisements out in the market (for example, video ads), but the level of granularity marketers can get with Facebook’s targeting capabilities is beyond belief. Whether it is location, language, age range, connections, demographics, interests, or behaviors, you can dig substantially deep with the platform’s targeting capabilities. In addition, do remember to take the necessary steps to weed out the questionable clickers.

Cheap or Should We Say “Practically Free”?

Today, the cost of placing ads on Facebooks is a fraction of what other online marketing channels cost. If you run a small-scale business, how does the idea of reaching 200 people for only $5 per day sound? Pretty impressive, right? If you are currently experiencing cash flow problems, not to worry because you will be able to set reasonable daily Facebook budgets that can easily prevent you from overspending. As long as you have implemented a simple strategy with a clear focus, the cost-efficiency of Facebook will work towards your advantage.

A Large Segment of Your Audience Still Hang Out at Facebook

The user base of Facebook is larger than ever. With more than 20 billion ad clicks annually and over 1 billion members worldwide, your business has the potential of flourishing from the largest advertising opportunity since conventional search.