Why You Need Pillar Posts On Your Blog

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

pillar posts

Blogs provide useful information for people. Bloggers are always striving to provide quality content for their readers to help them grasp an understanding of a topic. One strategy that many bloggers have used to provide a comprehensive understanding may involve using pillar posts.

What are Pillar Posts?

A pillar post is a detailed and in-depth article that provides the basic information of a certain topic, interest or product; This can usually serve as the backbone of most of your relevant blogs. More than just being lengthy, pillar posts provide the essential information for anyone who is new to the topic at hand. Take for example, a good pillar post for a website that revolves around the use of essential oils could be a comprehensive guide on using them. This guide could include the health benefits, why you should use essential oils and how you could go about applying them.

Here are some reasons why your blog requires a pillar post:

Importance of Pillar Posts on Your Blog

Establishes a Strong Reputation

There are millions of online blogs and it can be difficult to stand out from the rest, especially when your blogs revolve around a niche topic. Pillar posts allow you to establish yourself as an expert on the topic; People will be more wanting to know what you have to say on the topic. You could use your pillar post to create more detailed articles on the topic.

Beneficial For Your Readers

Pillar posts can be genuinely beneficial for readers and visitors as it can become a one-stop article for all the information that they would need. This is especially so for people who are first starting out to learn about the topic.

Enduring Content

They can still be relevant even after several years from now; They are unlike trendy content that becomes outdated or obsolete after a few months. As pillar posts tend to outline the basics, they tend to be enduring and useful even after a few years. For certain topics, your pillar post has to be updated every now or then to ensure that it is still relevant. Enduring content is critical to ensure that your website continues to attract traffic in the future.

Encourage Subscribers

Many bloggers aspire to build and grow their influence and their follower base, and they do this through email lists. They act as a platform for content creators to communicate with their followers, without having to depend on other social media networks. Pillar post is a great way to attract people to become subscribers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pillar posts are often favorited by search engines such as Google and Bing, as such they tend to rank highly on search results. Besides having lengthy and in-depth information, pillar posts tend to have a lot of the essential keywords in their pages. Search engines will rank your website higher because of these traits that pillar posts provide, bringing about greater traffic to your blogs and website.

Flow of Content

Pillar posts provide all the information you will need on a topic. You could enhance your pillar posts by creating a flow in a series of your pillar posts, such as providing links to other articles that may provide greater insights into the topic. And, don’t forget to include compelling blog visuals to engage your audience. Not only will this build traffic on your website, but this can make it easier for readers to gain a greater understanding of the topic.

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