Why Should Auto Repair Businesses Run PPC Advertising Campaigns?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Why should Auto Repair Businesses Run PPC Advertising Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool that can exponentially raise the awareness of your business and in building a larger customer base. Creating an exceptional marketing plan for your auto repair business can bring in new business and repeat customers. Here are several reasons why auto repair businesses should run PPC advertising campaigns.

Increased Business

PPC advertising, such as Google AdWords, allows your website to rank higher than other highly search engine optimized results. There are higher fees involved if you seek to get higher advertisement placement or to place your ads on less relevant pages. When you publish your advertisement with Google AdWords, your advertisement can appear throughout the internet, even on your partner’s websites. This high appearance of your advertisement on websites and search result pages can result in higher traffic and can result in greater business.

Focuses on Target Audience

Google AdWords can be used to target specific groups of people by using segmentation or Ad Groups. Advertisement campaigns can showcase different products or different aspects of a product based on the target audience that companies are trying to target. These advertisements should be analyzed and evaluated regularly to ensure that they are still effective in gaining clicks and viewers.  

Take for example, auto repair businesses can tailor advertisements based on the brand of the cars that customers have. For BMW car drivers, they could tailor advertisements showing BMW car services. This is likewise the same for Audi car drivers, where advertisements showcase the Audi car services that the auto repair shop provides.


Advertisements can be a great way in spreading brand awareness. However, there is bound to be several people who would simply ignore your advertisements. There should be avenues to engage these potential customers. These may come in the forms of email subscriptions, vouchers and customer loyalty programs. They can be placed on landing pages to convince and entice customers to purchase your services. Make remarketing easy and attain a greater number of customers by using the remarketing functions for Google and Facebook advertisements.

Building Customer Loyalty

Google’s AdWords PPC campaign is an excellent service that you could use in the marketing of your business. Landing pages have to be optimized for customers to be enticed to use your services. One that’s messy and unappealing can be useless in gaining new customers. When your advertisements are segregated to target different target groups, customers would be more engaged to use your services. Potential customers may also sign up for email subscriptions and get vouchers, enticing customers to use your services more often. Traffic to your website should be analyzed regularly so that essential tweaks to your advertisements could be done. Producing excellent ad campaigns can be difficult and you may require assistance from marketing specialists.

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