Why Isn’t Anyone Viewing Your Blog Posts?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

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If you are planning to write a blog post, start considering how to capture the interest of your readers with just a few words. No, we are not referring to the first few lines of your introduction but the blog post title. These titles can determine whether or not your target audience clicks the link to read your blog posts. That’s why it is crucial to make each blog post title count. Below are several common mistakes that prevent individuals from crafting killer blog post titles and achieving their SEO goals:

Titles Are Not Unique

Because there are currently millions of blogs out there, business owners should show that they have something special to share. One’s unique viewpoint is needed to stand out from the crowd. Avoid doing what everyone else is doing; don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. It is a good practice to creating compelling titles that make readers want to learn from you. For example, a title such as, “How My Talk Went Viral At TEDx,” can give your blog a personal feel that’s hard to replicate.

Titles Failed to Engage Audience

Another approach to craft blog post titles is to pop a question. By asking the right questions, one can almost instantly spark interest in readers because they want to know what the answer is. Let’s say that your blog posts are targeting foodies. Make it seem as though you are talking directly to the reader. For example, “Hungry? Check Out The Best Street Food Stalls!”

Titles Lack Keywords

Before writing any content, bloggers should understand their target audience and know what they typically search for. To keep up with keyword trends or get inspiration, it is a good idea to use Google AdWords to generate potential keywords for your blog post titles. In addition, remember to insert these key terms close to the beginning of the title. Instead of letting keywords being buried in a long title, front placement is likely to catch your audience’s attention.

Here’s an example: if you have determined that wedding planning or tips for organizing a wedding are keywords to be targeted on your blog, consider crafting titles such as:

  • 7 Wedding Planning Tips For Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Wedding Planning 101
  • Tips For Organizing A Wedding For 2020

Although keywords are important elements of search engine optimization, avoid overusing them. Forcing keywords into a title may make it sound unnatural and strange. Keep in mind that one’s audience comes first; titles should be relatable and authentic.

Titles Are Not Concise Enough

Lengthy blog post titles tend to turn off readers. When it comes to online content, bite-sized pieces of information typically perform well because they are easier to digest. A good blog post title should feature a balance between being easy to comprehend and having enough words to capture a reader’s attention. To avoid getting cut off in search engine results, keep your titles under 70 characters (including spaces).

Titles Don’t Explain How Readers Can Benefit from Your Posts

Most readers want to know how a blog post will benefit them before clicking on a link in any search engine results page. Individuals are likely to give your post a read if the title promises to meet a need they have. For example, if someone is looking to start a business, a blog post titled, “A Guide To Starting An Online Business From Home” might be eye-catching.