Wholesale Business Website Features That Matter

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

wholesale business website

Running a wholesale business? You should note that a potential retail buyer may visit at any time. No, not only physically but via online means too. In today’s digital age, it is imperative that one has a fully-functional business website. Having an online portal allows interested retail buyers to learn more about the brands and products you carry. Your website must look attractive, be easy to navigate, and allow visitors (prospective customers) to set up an account and place their first order with exceptional ease. One must make the best first impression right from the home page. Below are some important wholesale business website features one must have to succeed when it comes to wholesale online marketing!

Must-Have Wholesale Website Feature A: About Us Page

You need to show that your business is run by humans and the best place to do this is via an About Us page. It’s a great idea to touch upon your raison d’etre and company origins; and showcase the latest photos of your friendly and dedicated team. Both current and prospective retailers usually turn to this page to gain an understanding of who they are about to do business with.

Must-Have Wholesale Website Feature B: Social Media Icons

Social media presents a great opportunity to build strong relationships between a business and the masses with the magical click of a mouse. If you plan to run corporate social profiles, you need to inform people about such accounts. One’s website is a great place where social media icons can be displayed. Don’t forget to follow your retailers back, like their stuff, and actively engage with them!

Must-Have Wholesale Website Feature C: Available Retailers

Showcasing retailers through the website is an important gesture of partnership-building for your wholesale clientele. In addition to uploading and maintaining a current list of your retailers, you will need to include links to their websites. By wholesaling solid products and continuously building solid relationships with your retail partners, you don’t have to worry about competitors poaching your accounts. If you don’t implement this feature from the get-go, you might have already lost the battle.

Must-Have Wholesale Website Feature D: Multimedia Resources for Retailers

It is important that all of your retail partners have easy access to handy resources that can help them sell better. It could be a Current Line Sheet, Special Handling Instructions, Product Knowledge Sheet, an up-to-date Catalog, and more. Beware not to expose any wholesale pricing on your website.

Your retailers may run blogs too so give them ample marketing materials that can be featured on those sites, e.g. product descriptions, brand copy, press-ready photos, etc. Retailers will be happy to know that you have put in the extra effort to make their lives a whole lot easier. This may make them more inclined to feature your wholesale business on their website and social media platforms. That’s free marketing right there!

Must-Have Wholesale Website Feature E: Online Wholesale Inquiry Form

The goal is to prevent your prospective customers from having sift through multiple pages to find the information they need, e.g. to begin setting up an account. You need to feature an online registration form front and center, along with an eye-catching call to action button. It should allow your potential business partners to effortlessly fill out the form, hit submit, and be on their merry way. Consider eliminating unnecessary steps for them, including composing lengthy introductory emails.