What’s The Pantone Color Of The Year For 2022?

Clement Foo
Clement Foo

Digital Content Manager

Pantone Color Of The Year

Pantone color is a standardized color matching system that is used widely around the world. It is used by numerous businesses and industries and was devised to help designers and printers identify and manage colors for printing projects. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) thus describes colors by an allocated number and allows you to specify colors that are unable to be mixed in traditional color bases. The color bases, in this case, refer to yellow, black, cyan, and magenta.

Pantone colors are important as they help manufacturers verify the color-match specifications. They are thus a universal language of color which enables color-critical decisions for companies. The Pantone color of the year for 2022 is the new shade of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. This is a lively periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones.  

Choice of Color

The Very Peri Pantone color symbolizes the various changes experienced by the world and our adaptation to a new normal. This occurs as we look beyond the uncertainty and isolation caused by the pandemic. The color, therefore, showcases certain optimism and hope in the things to come in 2022, as well as the possibilities of the new normal.

This is also shown by the Very Peri color being the ‘warmest and happiest of all the blue hues’. The color, therefore, mixes the constancy and commitment of blue with the excitement and high spirits or energy of the red color. This produces a new color that can match aptly with the theme and dreams of people in 2022. The theme of curiosity, carefree confidence, and creativity to the new normal is captured by this brilliant color.

While blue is often a color characterized as gloomy or sad, the blending of red into the color blue adds an element of vigor and energy. This creates a feeling of newness and of venturing into a new unknown. The Very Peri color thus describes our adaptation and energy in embracing changes caused by the pandemic. It sets the tone for a more positive mood as we slowly adapt to a new normal. 

The color matches the theme and state of the world as numerous societal norms and rules are still in places, such as social distancing and restrictions. However, new opportunities and experiences will arise out of the pandemic, and it is up to us to leverage these opportunities to create more positive outcomes.

The mixing of the blue and red colors thus underscores the disruption that will occur as we adapt, and the excitement that it brings. This color thus shows that we should not be limited by this pandemic and that we should continue to dream, live and be creative.


The Very Peri Pantone color is also synonymous with innovation and technology. This is showcased by the themes of color, which promotes courageous creativity and imaginative expression. There have been numerous technological advances in 2021, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the emerging Metaverse, and virtual reality. Numerous technological innovations such as the Covid mRNA vaccines, lithium-metal batteries and so many more have influenced our daily lives and how companies operate.

The blue shade of the Very Peri Pantone color also resembles the blue glow of digital devices such as our phones. Thus, the theme of this color is very apt to underscore technology and its disruption. The color motivates us to dig deeper, experiment, and continue to be curious about technology and its impacts on our lives.

There is bound to be much more innovations and development in technology in 2022, especially as our physical lives become more infused with technology, and as human existence increasingly shifts to the digital realm.


The Very Peri color is a symbol of the transition everyone is going through due to the pandemic. While we may be hesitant and fearful of further damage and disruption caused by the pandemic, there is much cause for hope and optimism.

The development of vaccines in 2021 and the stronger immunity of the world’s population due to the vaccines, coupled with the loosening of social restrictions and travel means that the world is improving and doing better. The color thus harbors the positive outlook for 2022 and that despite the pandemic, we can take heart in the numerous opportunities that arise, be courageous and innovate.