What You Need To Know About Realtor Website Design And Development

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

realtor website design

Building a strong presence on the internet is essential towards marketing your realtor business. It is important to equip your website with the necessary tools to stay competitive in this industry. Here are several tips on improving your website design.

Realtor Website Design and Development Optimization Tips

Mobile Website

The mobile Internet use today surpasses that of computers. If your website is not optimized for smartphones and tablets, you are one step behind. Your website should incorporate responsive design elements to make your website accessible on various platforms and browsers.  Having a smaller screen and touch inputs, you have to refine certain aspects of your website development to ensure excellent user experience.

Furthermore, having a mobile-optimized website can result in higher search rankings. Search engines use algorithms that prioritizes websites which are responsive and optimized for various devices. 

Getting Leads

Realtor websites should emphasize on getting leads that can potentially become new clients, which can bring about business. One way to ensure that users do return for your services is to provide call-to-action elements to your website. Highlighting the excellent features of your services, offering incentives for using your services such as discounts, and interest forms are some of the ways you could subtly convince customers to use your services.

Do ensure that you place your contact information prominently on every page of your website. This is to ensure that users can conveniently contact your business with any queries or to use your services.

Feature the Best Deals

There are numerous properties that your business may be selling at one time. Having a dedicated page for the best deals and exceptional properties could be an engaging way for your customers to find their desired property. Such dedicated listing works wonders for realtors that specialize on a specific type of property.

Search Tools

Potential customers will want to have a search tool that can aid them in finding their desired property, making this an indispensable feature on any realtor website. Some customers might not be well-versed with the Internet and might not know how to get started. Offering a search tool can help them in finding what they want, boosting your chances of gaining potential customers. This can come in the form of quick and advanced search toolbars, or an interactive map search page.

Quality Images

Images paint a thousand words and can be a powerful tool on any realtor website. Images can be a great way in conveying the living situation and lifestyle that the property may offer to customers. They are also a great way in breathing life into your website and improving the readability of your content.

Utilizing stock photos could be a cost-effective and easy method in designing your website. Using your own photographs is another excellent option and can create a personalized feel to your website.

Reviews and Affiliations

Having glowing reviews and a network connection can promote an image of being professional and trustworthy, attracting potential customers. This could be done by having a dedicated page on your website to showcase the reviews received by previous customers. Testimonials that highlight specific strengths or contain memorable anecdotes could be useful in improving your image.

Having key affiliations can be a great way in improving the credibility of your realtor business, especially for key partners that you have in your local community.

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