Why Web Designers Should Be Inspired by Summer?

Elizabeth Reyn
Why Web Designers Should Be Inspired by Summer?

Let’s be honest, what other season brings people together like summer? Sure, in the winter you can cozy up with your significant other or friends inside a big blanket and watch Christmas movies. In the fall and spring, you can take walks and watch the leaves change. But nothing brings good cheer and togetherness quite like the warm air, going to the beach with friends, having a picnic in the park, or laying out in the sun trying to work on that tan.

Web designers, even when you’re inside working on your website, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the vibrancy and enthusiasm of summer into your designs. So long as you stay true to your brand, it’s okay to play around with fonts, background colors, and images. No matter if you’re advertising clothing or computers, incorporating a little brightness can go a long way in getting visitors to stay on your pages.

Bring the Outside into Your Website

Being inspired is as simple as looking out the window. Trees are radiant with chlorophyll. Children are playing with footballs and Frisbees. Women walk around clad in flowing printed dresses.

Use the bright colors and the feel-good mood of the day to your website advantage. Note that this doesn’t require changing the entire theme or essence of your website; even if your website consists mostly of black and white,, throw in a little subtle color to acknowledge the season will make your pages stand out.

Learn From Experts

Kate Spade

is one great example of how to incorporate colorful, summery designs into a website. The fuchsia theme and the changing pictures under the title #travelcolorfully bring out the radiance and feel of relaxation that comes with summer. The splash of color epitomizes enthusiasm and excitement, all the while still staying true to Kate Spade’s classy style.


known for its use of black and white website design, is toying around with color this summer by showing models wearing their clothes behind colorful backdrops. Instead of altering their style to fit the summer mood, they place their clothes in a summer setting, making them look fashionable and accessible for any season.


is a car company that refuses to stay contained behind the dark colors of the showroom. The website shows the Mercedes-Benz in different landscapes, riding out in a big city or parked on a cobblestone driveway beside a beach while sticking with its classic white background.

A Little Tidbit

A little versatility and taking style risks can prove beneficial for your website. Web designers, do not be afraid to go outside the comfort zone and incorporate seasonal colors. Then go outside, enjoy the wonderful day, and get into the spirit of summer!