Web Design Tips For Construction Companies

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Web Design Tips For Construction Companies

Are you managing a construction business that specializes in home renovations, masonry, woodworking, roofing, or commercial construction? Today, having your own website can help boost the online presence of your business. Fret not, designing websites for construction companies do not have to be complicated, especially if you have professional help. For starters, your site should possess simple and clear navigation, aesthetically appealing design, engaging content, and should be optimized for search. Let’s find out more about web design tips that are useful for construction businesses!

Choose a Web Design Style that Suits Your Brand

There is a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. But before we go into that, you should always choose web design that is mobile-friendly. Some websites might even need to have two types of designs: one for the desktop and the other for mobile devices. The point is that desktop websites are different from mobile websites. However, if you have a responsive design, your website will automatically be able to suit different screen requirements of smart devices.

To get the engine running, here are some of the styles you can consider for your site:

  • Clean and minimalist design
  • Light or dark color palettes
  • Dark and/or contrasting tones
  • Designs with semi-transparent backgrounds

Showcase Your Certifications

Are you a member of the National Association? Are you LEED certified? If you have achieved and own a special recognition, don’t hide it. You should use them to help differentiate your company from competitor and give potential clients peace of mind. With that in mind, the National Association of Roofers, Better Business Bureau, and more, are some of the recognized symbols. If you do not want to create an individual page for your certifications, another good place to place them is at the footer of your website.

Build Landing Pages for Each Construction Specialty

There is a vast variety of construction-related websites that are competing for attention. That’s why you need to feature content that helps your visitors understand what to expect from your business. It is recommended that you create landing pages that showcase your construction services. Here are some of the important elements that should be included in your landing pages:

  • Images
  • Content stating your service capabilities
  • Testimonial quotes
  • Call-to action

Share Your Portfolio with Your Target Audience

Your construction website should at least have a basic photo gallery to start off with. And no, it is not a necessity to show off hundreds of photos. However, you should at least show examples of your current capabilities and some projects that you have completed in the past. You may consider featuring more examples that can be correlated to the type of clients you want to attract. Avoid showcasing random side projects or anything that’s irrelevant to the company’s current focus.

A typical online photo gallery for construction companies should comprise of thumbnail images (that link to larger versions) and a short description about the project. You may want to also link these photos to individual web pages with a full description as well as additional photos. This is a stellar way to help strengthen SEO and build up quality content over the long term.