The Value of Music in the Workplace

Elizabeth Reyn

For me, music is the power behind my productivity. When I get lost in my work and equally as lost in a song, the words just pour out. Whether it’s an album or a mix of songs by my favorite artists, the music I listen to helps keep me motivated and enthusiastic throughout the workday.

At SmartSites, we value the influence of music. The ear-sized headphones allow us to focus on our work with the music just as background noise. Every now and again, I pass by my coworkers’ desks and hear what’s playing in their background. I’m intrigued by the various sounds I hear: Italian opera, the soundtrack to the movie “Frozen”, pop, punk rock, etc.

Why Music is Important to Work

Psychologists have studied the impact of music in the workplace. While each individual varies in terms of his/her ability to concentrate, studies have found that listening to music increases dopamine in the brain and improves overall productivity.

Your music taste is a highly respective experience. You may be the type of person who can only concentrate to classical music. Maybe listening to heavy metal allows you a safe space where you can drown deep enough into the music to ignore outside noise and just work. Or you prefer a sweet, upbeat melody to get you bouncing in your chair.

Listening to your own music at work is a way to dichotomize your personal and professional life. Especially if work gets overwhelming and stressful, it can be helpful to pop your playlist in your ears and bask in the familiar sounds. At the same time, if you’re someone who prefers to work to the sound of unfamiliar music to get work done at your business, put on Pandora or search a random album on Spotify. If music is for you, try it out, and see the difference in your work.

Try out my Top 5 albums for the office, and see if any of my music works for you. Enjoy!

  1. Lights Out-Ingrid Michaelson
  2. The Blessed Unrest-Sara Bareilles
  3. Everything in Transit-Jacks Mannequin
  4. Strange Desire-Bleachers
  5. Ocean Avenue­-Yellowcard